From the Founder

Hi, my name is Nadia, your Founder and Maker of Pure Skincare. 

Beauty and skincare have always been a passion of mine and right out of school I became a certified Esthetician. However, living with Eczema made it extremely difficult for me to continue my career. The constant contact with harsh and irritating chemicals forced me to step away from my passion, but it also made me realize how much we needed safer and cleaner products on the market. 

I knew there was a need for natural products that would make a difference in peoples’ lives all while making them feel beautiful.

 Pure Skincare was born from this need. 

I have gone on to further my knowledge and education on natural and organic formulation, and have learned just how powerful and healing mother earth really is. And with this, I am excited to present Pure Skincare - all natural skin and beauty collections proudly handcrafted in Toronto, Canada. 

I thank you in advance for trusting and allowing me to make a difference to you and to our environment. Being able to create this has been a dream and I am looking forward to inspiring you to feel your best and show what Pure Skincare has to offer.